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Wine Tasting at Happs Wines

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Happs Wines

Happs Wines
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575 Commonage Rd
Quindalup, WA 6281

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At Happs we grow thirty grape varieties and produce an abundance of wine styles. All these wines are available to taste every day.

The wine styles include:

The i (Indigenous) range

Emphasizing unadulterated native fruit flavour with little or no oak influence.

Fuchsia and the Sweets

Wines that are category building in the sense that most people come to wine via sweet wines that provide the gob smacking appeal of fermenting grape juice.

The PF (Preservative Free) range

These wines take advantage of ultra-clean fruit hand harvested and chilled prior to vinification in order to avoid the use of antibacterial chemicals under the headline ‘sulphites’. PF wines are natural wines in the best sense of the word, produced with a level of care and attention to detail that is beyond the attention span of most commercial wineries. Would you let your average bloke take over your kitchen? No, then what about the winery? It takes some special skills to produce wine without the aid of sulphur dioxide.

The dry table wines

Mostly wines drawn from our Three Hills Estate (est. 1994) but also our Dunsborough Estate (est. 1978) at everyday drinking prices for those who must have wines with softness, flavour, richness and a thoroughly palatable aftertaste.

The Three Hills range

Wines that extend the frontier in terms of flavour and finish. Margaret River is the region best represented on Australia’s restaurant wine lists. Three Hills wines represent the state of the art. You pay for what you get, but in moderation, Happs style.


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