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Wine Tasting at Castle Glen Australia

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Castle Glen Australia

Castle Glen Australia
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3184 Amiens Road
Thulimbah, QLD 4376

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All Castle Glen Wines, Fortifieds and Sparkling Wines are produced, cellared and bottled on site at the Vineyard. The wines we produce are rich and lively both in taste and appearance. From rich ruby Red Wines, and buttery to golden White Wines, smooth, delectable Fortifieds to sensational "technique traditionelle" hand-made and bottle-fermented (in the bottle you buy) Sparkling Wines, all of Castle Glen Vineyard's wines are a delight to the very last drop!

Our Sparkling Wine is the only hand-made Sparkling Wine made in Queensland using the traditional Western European technique. We also have our Sparkling Wine specially bottled with 24kt Gold added for those special occasions - truly decadent.


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