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Maniadakis Organic Orchard

Maniadakis Organic Orchard
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1150 Québec 209
Hinchinbrooke, QC J0S 1E0

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Eros is a limited production, first press fine wine. No short cuts are taken. Our perfectly grown fruits are naturally frozen to -30 c in our unique Quebec climate, where the temperature can go up and down by 25 c in a single day, giving us the perfect platform for natural cryoextraction.

Once the sun ,air ,cold and other elements have extracted most of the water from the now-frozen fruit, it is pressed whole, using presses that can put out over 5000 pounds of force to crush the rock hard fruit.

We then collect the sweet nectar and allow it to ferment naturally, without the use of yeasts or chemicals, a high -risk proposition that takes a 2 years to complete.

The entire vinification procedure is totally organic. We use nothing ti influence the wine and add no sulphates.

This is why organic wine is much better for you .not only do conventional ice wines contain a massive dose of all the concentrated pesticides that were used to grow the fruit ,there are over 40 different types of chemicals that can be used in the vinification process as well. No wonder you get a headache from drinking wine!


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