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Bishop's Orchards Winery offers our own wine and other fine Connecticut farm wines 7 days a week. Bishop's Orchards Winery has taken the superb reputation and flavor of the fruit we grow, pressed out the juices and made Award Winning fruit wines. Specialty fruit wines created by Bishop's use our apples, peaches, pears, strawberries and raspberries. Over 179 medals have been awarded since the Winery started in 2005, including 2 Double Gold and 8 Gold Medals.

As a Farm Winery, we are able to offer you the best selection of Connecticut Farm Wines in the state, seven days a week! From dry to sweet, award winning Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Vidal Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and numerous White, Rose and Red wines from other Farm Wineries will satisfy your palate. Our Wine Bar, a part of our original 1928 barn, offers tastings year round, making it easy to support local wineries from our wide selection.

We have special events and weekend educational offerings that are posted on our Calendar that we invite you to attend. Some are free and others have a fee, or are included with our regular Tasting Fee of $8.00.

Our wine bar is open year round, open for tastings Monday - Saturday from 10-6:30 (close at 7pm) and Sunday 11-5:30 (close at 6). Winery tours are Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. They are $6.00 per person and when paired with a tasting, a total of $12.50.

About The Wines

Stone House White
This refreshing apple wine is a harmonious balance of fruit and floral notes. With flavors of Bishop's signature apple cider combined with a hint of oak, lilac and orange blossoms, this light bodied dry wine reminds one of a crisp and clean Chardonnay. Try this lively wine with fish, chicken, pork or pasta dishes. .7% RS

Whitfield's Paradox
Made from Bishop's own Bartlett pears, this wine has a brilliant character and bouquet of honey, pear blossoms and just a hint of toffee. Medium-bodied and full of delicious pears, Whitfield's Pearadox has a clean, dramatic finish which leaves the taste buds refreshed and invigorated. This artisan wine pairs well with pork dishes, Brie and crackers and Bishop's own Apple Cider Donuts. 1% RS

This Perry-style wine is made from Bishop's own Bosc pears. Harvested at the peak of ripeness, golden brown from the sun, these luscious pears produce a wine that is semi-dry and elegant, with notes of raisins, apricots and dried mango. With a robust yet smooth finish, this elegant wine "pears" excellently with cheese, fresh green salads and white fish. Try it with a freshly made Bishop's salad! 1% RS

Apples abound! This all-apple wine is made from a combination of sweet and tart apples from Bishop's Orchards, which blend together into a light and crisp, semi-sweet wine, reminiscent of a Pinot Grigio. A year round top-seller, this wine perfectly compliments chicken, fish and pasta dishes or a delicious slice of Bishop's fresh Apple Pie or famous Apple Cider Donuts! 3% RS

Happley Impeared
As the name implies, this charming and playful wine is a 50/50 blend of Bishop's pear and apple ciders, which are fermented together and aged into this bright and energetic, semi-dry wine. A robust apple first sip transitions smoothly into a perfectly pear finish. This blended wine is delicious with pork, chicken or fish dishes. Another favorite and Bishop's, try it with a slice of our own delicious quiche! 1.5% RS

Faulkner's Spiced Apple
We began with Bishop's popular Stone House White wine, added a blend of special spices, mulled them together and created the festive and brilliant Faulkner's Spiced Apple wine. This delicately spiced wine is smooth and balanced, light and lively and while it is delicious all year round, it makes an excellent holiday beverage! Faulkner's Spiced Apple wine pairs well with Brie, smoked and cheddar cheeses and may be served chilled in the summer or gently warmed up on a cold fall or winter's night. .7% RS

Hard Cider
Bishop's gently effervescent cider is made from a harmonious blend of our own apples grown right here in the orchard! Local never tasted so crisp and delicious! We offer two varieties of hard cider at Bishop; our semi-sweet Farm House Style (2% RS), to our semi-dry New England Style (3% RS). Enjoy our ciders with a variety of delicious treats, including Bishop's homemade maple kettle corn. Our light, crisp and refreshing ciders make a great alternative to beer!

Honey Peach Melba
By incorporating the "nectar of the gods" into our signature apple wine, we have created one of our top sellers in the form of Honey Peach Melba. The addition of sweet, local Connecticut honey makes this complex apple wine unlike any other perfectly complimented flavors of peach, raspberry and apple. Honey Peach Melba is a standout favorite wine at Bishop's and makes a delicious aperitif. It may also be enjoyed with fish, chicken and pork dishes. This wine also makes stunning sangria! 3% RS

Apple Raspberry Blush
The peace and beauty of our raspberry fields is perfectly encapsulated in our Apple Raspberry Blush wine. The complex raspberry flavors blend harmoniously with sweet apples in this semi-sweet, delicately pink wine. Pair with fresh salads, beef, chicken, pork and pasta dishes. This wine is especially delicious with Bishop's own freshly baked Lemon Cake! For a unique look, try adding a few freshly frozen raspberries to your glass! 2% RS

Blushing Beauty
A challenging wine to make, yet so worth the effort! This rewarding pure peach wine yields delicate peach flavors that give way to subtle sweetness and tang. Sipping this gorgeous and flavorful wine is just like enjoying a fresh, juicy Bishop's Orchard's peach at its peak of ripeness. This golden colored wine is delicious drizzled over a freshly made Bishop's Peach Pie with vanilla ice cream or served with our Blueberry Crumb Cake! 5.5% RS

Amazing Grace
Our only cranberry-apple combination wine, Amazing Grace is a medley of fruity and floral flavors balanced out by the sweetness only perfectly sun ripened fruit can provide. This delicate wine is a year round favorite and pairs well with roasted turkey, pork, seafood and hearty salads. This wine is a must around the holidays! Enjoy with turkey and ham or a delicate slice of Bishop's Angel Food Cake. 4% RS

Adam's Apple
An ice-style wine, the apple cider base was frozen cyro-extracted to concentrate the amazing apple flavors. This extract was used to make one of most elegant and sophisticated wines. Adam's Apple is a rich and complex, bursting with apple flavors and sweetness. This delicate wine pairs beautifully with one of Bishop's freshly baked pies, cheesecakes or our special Cinnamon Coffee Cake! 6% RS

Strawberry Delight
Harvested at the peak of the ripeness, our strawberries are transformed into a succulent, aromatic, medium-bodied wine. The full flavor of strawberries is encapsulated in every bottle and dance upon the palate. A bottle of Strawberry Delight is a delicious treat and may be enjoyed as an aperitif or after dinner as a dessert wine drizzled over strawberry shortcake and vanilla bean ice cream! This wine also pairs well with Bishop's own Applesauce Cake or dark chocolate! 5% RS

Hyland Red
Rich, robust raspberry! Our pure Hyland Red raspberry wine is a dynamic and flavorful wine, filled with aromas and flavors of delicious farm fresh raspberries. Tangy, yet subtle, this elegant wine is colorful and packed with flavor and character. Hyland Red pairs excellently with dark chocolate. 6% RS

Rubus Nightfall - Sparkling Raspberry Wine
Our newest Sparkling Wine released in November 2013! Unbelievable flavor and vibrant red color. Scintillating, sparkling stars, close friends and petite bubbles combine for a perfect evening of sharing. This culinary concery begins with Our Own succulent raspberrries grown with tender care, harvested at the peak of ripeness in September, filled with shoreline sunshine and flavor... and continues with your gentle sips. An excellent alternative to champagne this unique wine is wonderful to the very last sip. Enjoy year round; it's "sparkle" time any time! 7% RS. Serve chilled. Gold Medal at 2013 Grand Harvest Awards

Sachem's Twilight - Sparkling Peach Wine
Harvested at the peak of ripeness in August, sweet, juicy peaches are used to create this masterpiece of bubbles and flavor. This sparkling wine has a delightfully sweet and light bouquet full of peach and summer flavors. An excellent alternative to champagne this unique wine is wonderful to the very last sip. Enjoy year round; it's "sparkle" time any time! 7% RS

Abby Road - SOLD OUT - next production date unknown
Named after the newest member of the Bishop's 7th generation, this unique blackberry wine has deep rich berry and spice aromas, which give way to a medium-bodied, sweet wine full of flavor and character. Delicious by itself after dinner or paired with beef, pork, duck, or chicken dishes. A Double Gold winner! 6% RS

Berry Best Friends
An inspired blend of blueberry, blackberry and apples! The fruits in Berry Best Friends are blended together prior to fermentation, allowing the flavors to meld together to create new and complex aromas, which delight the nose and thrill the taste buds. Sweet yet lively, this wine is excellent with chocolate and drizzled on ice cream or on top of one of Bishop's fruit pies! 6% RS. Serve chilled.

Leete's Island Blues
Who knew the Blues could be so cheerful! This pure blueberry wine, made from berries sourced right here on the farm, is reminiscent to a delicate red wine. Deep flavors abound with an aroma, which will bring to mind images of plump blueberries, bursting with juice and flavor. This rich yet subtle dessert wine pairs well with pound cake, chocolate and drizzled over ice cream. For extra fun, add a few blueberries to your glass! Serve chilled. 6% RS


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