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Apple Ice Wine Tasting in Harvard, MA

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Wade Holtzman

Wade Holtzman
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Bolton Road 104
Harvard, MA 01451

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Still River Winery is a warm and welcoming home-based winery located 25 miles west-northwest of Boston in the heart of scenic Harvard, MA. Harvard is known for its many historic farmhouses, picturesque New England town common, stone walls, hard working apple farms and the village of Still River with its stunning western vistas.

The Holtzman Family, owners of Still River Winery, believe the best way to appreciate apple ice wine is to visit the winery and taste for yourself. For those unfamiliar with ice wines or want the chance to explore the wine making process in a special way, a personally guided tour offers the ideal setting to discover the science and art of making a world class, award-winning apple ice wine.

About The Wines

Sweet, golden, and full-bodied in the glass, Still River Winery’s apple ice wine, Apfel Eis, is made from a blend of apple varieties coming from Massachusetts orchards. Unlike most wines and ciders made from apples, Apfel Eis has absolutely no sugar added during fermentation.

Sweet and tart, apple ice wine has a gentle bite and clean finish. Customers love the aromatic fragrance of freshly picked apples that envelopes them as they uncork a bottle. One sip and you’ll find yourself strolling in a New England apple orchard on a crisp fall day.


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