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Wine Tasting at Kookoolan World Meadery

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Kookoolan World Meadery

Kookoolan World Meadery
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15713 Oregon 47
Yamhill, Oregon 97148

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Suffering from Pinot fatigue and ready for something different? Mead is the alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey. Like beer and wine, mead is a genre name; like beer and wine, mead can be strong or light; can be dry or sweet; can be sparkling or still; and can be aged in steel or oak (new oak or used whiskey, gin, or wine barrels, just for example). Meads can be made with pure single-varietal honeys only, or can be made with a combination of honey plus fruits, or honey plus malt syrup, or honey plus spices. The flavor combinations are infinite, and every mead is different!

We now have over 150 different Meads on the shelves from all over the country and all over the world, plus our own Mead, Kombucha, and Vin de Noix (Green Walnut Wine). More than 30 different meads open for tasting on any given day! Tastings are nominally $5 per person for up to six tastes.


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