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Wine Tasting at Upland Winery

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Upland Organic Estate

Upland Organic Estate
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Organic farming makes use of natural fertilizers and pest control, and is sustainable in the long term. Vigorous, healthy plants are better able to withstand disease, and the quality of the product is likewise higher.

However, these gains are offset by lower yields. On Upland Estate, a dramatic improvement in soil and crop quality has been evident, as well as a significant reduction in soil erosion. However, it is the quality of our products that speak for themselves.

The wines are exceptionally full bodied, bursting with fruity flavours, and are deeply coloured. Each vintage varies according to the gifts and constraints of the season.
In the cellar, the wine is allowed to develop and display its uniqueness, and to express itself to the utmost. Thus no two vintages are the same, but each has its own secrets and delights.
Careful maturing for a year in small French oak barrels ensures a well-balanced wine, able to mature for many years, and yet accessible for immediate drinking. The wines are best enjoyed with a full-flavoured meal, especially one of venison, game birds or cheese.

About The Wines

he 2008 Cabernet is the currently available vintage.

Tasting notes: Deep blackish ruby colour, very fruity, distinct flavours of plums, black currants and vanilla, with delicate spicy overtones. received a Trophy Show Bronze Medal. Rated top South African organic wine.

The 2009 Cabernet is unique, being the only South African sulphite free vegan wine that has been made to last. It's just coming into graceful maturity at 6 years old, still fresh with firm tannins and luscious fruits. Full bodied, definitely a wine for a robust meal.

The Port is a delicious desert wine fortified with our organic pure pot-still brandy at mid fermentation, making it the only truly organic estate port in South Africa, as both the wine and the fortifying spirit were grown, made, and matured on the estate.

The fruit flavours are enhanced by the natural sweetness of the grapes, with the oak vanillas from the brandy adding an extra dimension to the wine. The palate is full, but the finish is dry, making it the perfect companion to an after dinner platter of pecan nuts and blue cheese.

Our Grappa is made in the typical Italian style; from the humble origins of the left over skins and pips of full ripe grapes comes a spirit of great and distinctive character.

It explodes with flavour in the glass. Its intensely perfumed nose is balanced by a rich, raisiny complexity on the palate, followed by a lingering aftertaste of nutty grassiness. It is good to use as a palate cleaner between courses, but may be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a digestive with coffee. As a sundowner, it is especially enjoyed for its clean, fresh taste.

However you choose to enjoy Upland's grappa, you may be assured of a deliciously smooth, aromatic taste experience.

It won the World's Best Grappa at the Guldkorken International Competition in Stockholm

The character of Upland brandy is unmistakable: Wafts of dried peaches and apricots, citrus and pineapple are topped by generous vanillas - a depth and complexity of flavour that lingers on the palate, with a dry finish reminiscent of a great Cognac.

Upland Cask Strength is South Africa's first only barrel strength Brandy, "Upland's Jewel" in her crown the XO release has been patiently waiting in wooden casks since the estate's first distillation in 1998.

Wine Varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon


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