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Wine Tasting at Valley Mills Vineyards

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Valley Mills Vineyards

Valley Mills Vineyards
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8532 Texas 6
Woodway, Texas 76712

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In the spring of 2007, we planted our first two grapevine varietals on a rocky hillside in Valley Mills, Texas. Our vines flourished in this fossil embedded soil. In late 2010, we opened our Winery and Tasting room (halfway between Valley Mills and Waco). We are now growing world class grapes and producing great Texas wines.

About The Wines

Wine making Philosophy from Craig Parker:

My first exposure to wine making was as a child. On my summer break and on weekends, I worked in the local Australian vineyards which surrounded the family property in the Adelaide Hills. I later helped in a small Italian cooperage sweeping floors before school and watching the old craftsmen make barrels. Here, in the winter months, I enjoyed warm fires as oak chips were burned to char the interior of the barrels. There were walnut trees and a large olive grove in which we used to play. The Italian farmers made fire pits to burn the winter grapevine prunings where we barbecued rabbit and ‘Yabbies’ (a sort of crawdad) caught in nearby fresh water creeks. I was taught the value of hard work, integrity in all you do, and the importance of genuine quality.
When I shop for produce these days, I find myself searching for the quality of the ingredients which I simply took for granted back then. My style and my philosophy in wine making draws from those very early lessons. I insist that quality and integrity is maintained from the grapes in vineyards to the wine in your glass. The rest is up to you!


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