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Wine Tasting at Darcy's Vineyard

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Darcy's Vineyard

Darcy's Vineyard
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7952 Farm to Market Road 1891
Hallettsville, TX 77964

Tasting Fee

Tastings are $5. Taste all wines we currently stock and you also get to keep the glass. Its a great deal!
Also, we make a lot of "quirky" wines. We currently have an award winning Mango habanero, loquat blush, chocolate orange mead, one called apple, peaches pumpkin pie and in February we will have rose petal wine.

This year, we enclosed and converted the main floor of the barn into our tasting room. The main entrance is a dramatic set of 100-year old compound doors from Rajastan, India. Traditionally, guards (called "chowkidars" in Hindi) would be stationed outside to welcome visitors and protect occupants. Inside, the room is warmly decorated in a shabby chic combination of Texas and our travels. Each of the items has a story behind it, which we will be happy to bore you with anytime.

About The Wines

Free State - Our Lavaca County Red and White Wines
In the late 1800s, the fiercely independent and unrestrained spirit of her people earned this Texas county the nickname The Free State of Lavaca. Residents of the Lavaca Free State were hardy, brash, and resistant to convention. So it is with our wine. Our red wine is crafted from a blend of American, European and hybrid varietals grown in an environment as challenging to grapes as it was to the forces seeking to subdue this frontier community. Vineyards are still a rarity in this area, so batches are small, and the wine precious. The assertive character of this Lavaca County wine is tempered in our oak barrels before being released as the unique and brilliant essence of this fascinating place. Our Red is the dry, bold product of our own vineyard. Our White is made from Blanc Du Bois grapes grown within 12 miles of us. It is sweet and fruity and very popular.

Our Courthouse line of wines
Hallettsville’s most iconic landmark is the magnificent Lavaca County courthouse, located on the town square one block northwest of the intersection of US Highways 90-A and 77. Completed in 1899, she exudes the history and traditions of the people of this part of Texas.
Our most popular product is our Courthouse line of wines, featuring a Texas Sangiovese, Chardonnay, and Blush, crafted as a humble tribute to the proud structure, and to the people she serves.

Vanilla Mead -
Mead, or honey wine, is the ancestor of all fermented beverages -- it was reportedly enjoyed by the ancient
Egyptians. Today, Mead continues to be commercially produced in parts of Europe (in the Czech Republic it is
called "Medovina"). We created our sweet Vanilla Mead from Texas Wildflower honey, which we then infused with Madagascar Vanilla Beans. The label bears the image of our winery doors... and Cupcake, our daughter's cat.

Sweet Lucy
Darcy's beloved Aunt Lucy loves the simple pleasures in life -- wine, family and friends. This year, we got 1,500
pounds of "Favorite" grapes from a lovely vineyard just north of Flatonia. We've crafted a fruity, sweet red wine
deserving of the name "Sweet Lucy."

Mango Habanero and Blackberry Jalapeno
These are truly unique wines! Both with the tang of fruit and the subtle bite of pepper. You have to taste them to
believe how good they are!

Loquat Blush
A seasonal wine that captures the fruity taste of the Loquat fruit!

Courthouse Red
a Cabernet Shiraz blend that is semi sweet and very popular!

Wine Varietals

Red Blend


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